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Do I need dental x-rays?

Why do we need x-rays?

X-rays also known as radiographs are required in the dental setting as diagnostic tools.

Viewing teeth in the mouth does NOT provide dental practitioners with the entire picture.

Imagine going to the doctors and telling them you want a check up, but not wanting to get a blood test. It is difficult for the GP to tell you what could be happening without this essential piece of information. This is the same for dental x-rays.

Taking x-rays of the teeth helps provide a baseline of what is occurring. It also:

·         Detects dental decay

·         Determines if there is gum disease occurring by viewing the bone

·         Determines if children have any missing teeth

·         Shows previous fillings/ dental work that require monitoring

At Concord Dental Practice digital x-rays are used, allowing for less radiation exposure. The x-ray beam is extremely small and only captures the area of interest.

Types of x-rays:

There are many different x-rays taken in the dental clinic and each has their own purpose.

The most common x-rays taken are ‘bitewing’ radiographs which show us the molars and pre-molar teeth. These are best for detecting decay and monitoring previous dental work. These x-rays only show the crowns of the teeth.

A ‘periapical’ x-ray can be used to show the entire tooth, crown and entire root surface. These are commonly used after a trauma and during root canal therapy.

A panoramic ‘OPG’ x-ray is best used to view the bone height around teeth, helping dentists to determine the extent of gum disease as well looking for wisdom teeth!

When should we take x-rays?

A dentally fit patient should have new dental x-rays taken every 24 months.

Depending on dental and medical history, x-rays should be taken as a baseline as soon as the teeth come into contact with each other as a child.

Those at a greater risk of decay or gum disease should have x-rays more frequently.

People with fillings, crowns, implants and even smokers need to have x-rays more regularly to avoid complications with previous treatment.  

X-ray radiographs are integral in the treatment planning and diagnosis of dental issues. It is important to note that x-rays should only be taken as required and at a necessary interval. Having an x-ray at your next dental visit is comparable to the radiation of eating 4 bananas, or a one hour flight to Melbourne.

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