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Watch your mouth – Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week supported by the Australian Dental Association focuses on promoting oral health. The team at Concord Dental Practice as dental health practitioners in Australia encourage and support the concept of maintaining good oral health. Key messages of Dental Health Week in 2018 include:

  • Brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste
  • Cleaning in between teeth at least once a day with floss or an interdental brush
  • Eating a healthy balanced diet and limiting sugar intake
  • Regularly visiting the dentist for check-ups and preventative treatment

Watching your mouth aims to encourage everyone to practice good oral health as in reality many Australians are not fully heeding these above messages:

  • 65% of Australians haven’t seen a dentist in the last two years
  • 50% of Australians brush their teeth only once per day
  • Nearly 40% never floss or clean in between their teeth
  • 73% of young people  between the ages of 14-18 are consuming excessive amounts of sugar

An integral part of our focus at Concord Dental Practice includes getting these messages out there about good oral health and educating our patients on oral health practices at home as a high priority.

For further information or resources regarding Dental Health Week please visit: