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Why do I have black stains on my teeth?

Stain on the teeth can have a variety of causes; stains can be attributed to not only poor brushing habits or coloured food, but also by medications, supplements and bacteria!

Foods and drinks such as tea/ coffee and highly pigmented fruits can cause black stain on teeth
Poor oral hygiene can leave the teeth looking dull and yellow
Habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco can also cause the development of stain on teeth
Medications such as iron containing solutions or supplements can cause black and grey stain
Exposure to mercury, lead or manganese can additionally develop metallic stains on teeth.

Those with black stain on their teeth tend to have more protein in their saliva, either due to genetic or metabolic reasons.

Where does dental stain occur most frequently?

Thin or broad bands of stain are commonly found along the gums lines or on the cheek surface of the upper molars.

Stain can occur on both adults and children and there is a higher incidence in women

Regular tooth brushing may not effectively remove all stain and stain can form rapidly even after removal

What can you do?

Changing risk factors such as the consumption of coloured beverages, smoking and exposure to elements can help decrease the amount of stain on teeth.

To remove current unsightly stain a dental check up, clean and polish must be completed by your dental hygienist.

To keep stain off effectively EXCELLENT oral hygiene must be maintained. Flossing regularly as well as brushing twice daily will ensure that both teeth and gums are kept clean.