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Women & Oral Health


Throughout puberty many changes are occurring in the body, including in the mouth! The body produces extra sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone increasing the blood supply to the gums.

This increase of blood supply can amplify swelling and bleeding, increasing your sensitivity to plaque and causing your gums to be easily irritated by food particles.  This gum condition can be easily treated by brushing, flossing and regular cleanings by a dental professional.

Eating healthy foods are important throughout a time when eating junk food, studying or going to social events are frequent. Braces are commonly seen through this stage of life and are very difficult to clean around; spending extra time on cleaning with the proper techniques will allow you to keep both your teeth and gums clean.


Menopause is commonly experienced by most women through the ages of 47-55 where a decrease of hormone levels leads to a range of oral health issues including inflamed gums, burning sensations, altered taste and dry mouth.

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is also experienced where sensitivity to hot and cold foods/ drinks may taste different including: salty, peppery, sour, bitter or metallic. There is no definite cause for this condition it can make your front part of your mouth, lips, cheeks and tongue feel like they are burning, tender, or numb. The dentist will be able to suggest an appropriate course of action.

Dry mouth is another symptom seen in menopausal women, not having enough saliva can make it difficult to eat and swallow in turn increasing the risk of tooth decay as the limited amount of saliva is no longer acting as a buffer. Increasing the amount of water while lowering the amount of diuretics (tea/coffee) can help manage this condition. 

Osteoporosis affects your teeth post-menopause, generalised bone loss may make jaw more brittle decreasing its density and causing gum reduction and tooth loss.

At Concord Dental Practice we are able to guide you through these times in your life, giving a helping hand in treating any conditions which may arise. 

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