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It Starts With a Smile.

Back to school dental tips

Ensure your children maintain the best oral health with these 3 easy tips.

As parents it in important to demonstrate and assist your children in having good oral hygiene and healthy balanced diets. Australian Dental Association explains the benefits of mirroring behaviours to your children as they learn and develop their skills.  

School terms are a great time to help instil good oral hygiene routines and healthy diets for your children.

Here are 3 back to school dental health tips:

  •  Visit the dentist regularly

The Australian Dental Association recommends visiting a dental clinic every 6 months. This allows both teeth and gums to be checked as well as to detect any speech and chewing problems.

It has been shown that children who suffer from tooth decay in their baby teeth are more likely to have issues with their adult teeth. Regular dental hygiene visits are essential in keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

  •  Develop a routine

It is important to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day. The morning rush to get to school facilitates children in skipping the morning brushing occasion. Creating a daily morning routine which involves a healthy breakfast and tooth brushing generates a habit which can be taken into adulthood.

  •  Provide incentives for good oral hygiene

Some parents find it difficult to get their children to brush their teeth, using rewards such as choosing their favourite fruit for the school lunchbox or getting to choose a weekend activity will help them to have a positive association with good oral hygiene.

At Concord Dental Practice we encourage all children from the time their first tooth erupts to have regular dental checkups and routine dental hygiene treatment.

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