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Denture Care Blog

A daily denture care routine will help to minimise odour, stains and plaque accumulation to keep your denture looking like new and help them last longer.

Dentures must be removed overnight; this lets the mouth to rest and allows for stimulation of blood circulation.

As dentures are not worn through the night this is the perfect time to set up a cleaning routine.


Food debris and plaque needs to be cleaned off dentures every day, as you would do for your own teeth. Dentures can be cleaned with a toothbrush and mild or neutral soapy water.

Standard toothpaste is NOT recommended to clean dentures as they can be abrasive and interact with the metal components of partial dentures.

Dentures can be kept in a cup of fresh cold water or left to dry. Denture tablets can be used to keep dentures clean, instructions on the packaging will describe whether the tablets can be used overnight or only for a few minutes. Please always read the instructions before using denture products. It is important to remember that you should always brush the remaining teeth, gums and tongue in your mouth each morning and night.

You should never use hot water to clean dentures as the heat can distort the fit and shape of the denture.

Laundry, cleaning bleaches, methylates spirits and abrasive antiseptics should never be used on dentures as they can corrode and change the colour of the denture.

If you find that your denture has a build up of hard plaque, known as calculus which cannot be removed with the toothbrush alone, you can soak the denture in white vinegar (diluted with water) and scrub with a clean new nail brush.

It is important that when you clean a denture you must hold them correctly as not to break or drop them whilst cleaning.

Any issues with dentures should be consulted with a dental professional

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