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Amalgam Replacement

We offer the replacement of amalgam fillings as a treatment option. Many patients are concerned about the possility of mercury toxicity or are unhappy with the aesthetics that these silver fillings offer, and prefer restorations which are more natural looking. 

Tooth coloured restorations are often preferable to amalgam restorations as they bond to tooth structure, and are therefore more conservative as they enable the dentist to keep more of your tooth in place. Although technique sensitive, they can last just as long as an amalgam restoration.

Many teeth that are heavily restored with large amalgams can have cracks, which may lead to eventual fracture of the tooth or in some cases, tooth loss. Your dentist at Concord Dental Practice will examine these cracks, and inform you of the possible treatment options that are available to prevent this from happening.

Safety Measures During Amalgam Removal

In order to ensure that the potential for mercury aspiration, ingestion or absorption is minimised, our dentists at Concord Dental Practice follow certain guildelines during the removal of your amalgam fillings.

A thin rubber sheet is extended over your mouth, and is customised to fit the existing tooth/teeth to prevent amalgam from contacting the oral mucosa.

We also have safety goggles for your to wear during all times of treatment, for eye protection.

There is always constant use of our high volume suction and a continual spray of water at the area where the amalgam is being removed. Wherever possible, the amalgam restoration is sectioned then scooped out to eliminate as much mercury vapor release as possible.

Amalgam has the longest clinical service life, but is associated with more tooth fracture. (Australian Dental Journal, 2005)