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It Starts With a Smile.

New Patient Examination

What to Expect

We allow one hour for our new patient examination.

This extra time does not add to the normal cost of a quicker check up - we simply spend this time getting to know you and to ensure our service is thorough and world class.

new patients welcome at drummoyne dental practice

During this appointment, our dentist will spend time making a thorough assessment of your 

-       medical and dental history

-       dental goals and main concerns

-       jaw joints

-       teeth and surrounding soft tissues

-       oral cancer screen

-       digital xrays (if required)

-       gum and bone charting

After this examination, our dentist will put together a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored specifically to your needs. This plan will be discussed with you, to ensure that you understand any existing conditions you may have, as well as all the options available to help you achieve dental health.

The item codes for this appointment are:

011 - Comprehensive examination

022 x 2 - X-rays (if required)

221 - Gum and bone chart

Your Hygiene Appointment

A second appointment can then be organised for you to see our dental hygiene therapist, Fani Sapountzis. During this 50 minute appointment, Fani will perform

-       removal of tar tar above and below the gum line

-       polishing and stain removal, where possible

-       tooth strengthening with fluoride

Fani will also be able to introduce new and personalised methods of effective tooth cleaning and gum and bone maintenance to you, as well as provide you with a dental hygiene pack. 

The item codes which cover this appointment are:

114 – Calculus removal

121 – Topical remineralisation (application of fluoride)

222 – Root planing and subgingival curettage (cleaning below the gumline)

We have on the spot claiming facilities available at Concord Dental Practice, so please bring your health insurance card with you, if you have one.


If you have not visited us here at Concord Dental Practice before, we would like you to fill out a new patient information form.  You are able to print and complete this form, and bring this along with you to your appointment. A copy of the form can be downloaded here.

If you are unable to print out this form prior to your appointment, it is also possible for you to complete this form when you present at Concord Dental Practice for your appointment. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier to allow time to complete this form.


If you are moving from a dentist in Australia where you have existing records such as xrays, charts and treatment history, it will be beneficial to have those files transferred to us so that we can better understand your dental history.

We ask you to sign a 'release of records' form, granting us permission to seek a copy of your dental records from your previous dentist. Alternatively, you can request your previous dentist to forward them on to us.