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Treatment for Gum Disease


Gum and bone disease is a silent, chronic disease. Generally, most people do not feel there is a problem - until it is too late. By this stage, the tooth may be mobile, and saving it may no longer be a viable option.

At Concord Dental Practice, we provide all our patients with a thorough examination and assessment of their gum and bone. A gum and bone chart allows our dentists to understand how much bone is supporting the teeth. If there is loss of bone any where around the teeth, more bacteria is able to burrow deep underneath the gums, undetected. These areas of the gums are inaccessible to normal toothbrushing and flossing methods. The stagnant build up of bacteria here will eventually cause further irreversible bone loss, and subsequently, tooth loss. 

Often, if periodontal disease is detected too late in the disease process, a referral to a gum and bone speciliast is required, for more extensive and complicated treatment. 

Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as preterm birth. 

Our practitioners at Concord Dental Practice are able to identify and treat early gum and bone disease, with the aid of anesthesia for additional comfort, with the aim of maintaining the bone height. Periodontal treatment involves apointments to clean deeper to remove the bacteria nestling in the dark, moist environment underneath the gum tissues.

Our dentists will be able to discuss this more with you during your examination.



Gum and bone disease is a silent disease. Generally, most people do not feel there is a problem - until it is too late.