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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Onlays

For heavily broken down teeth or teeth with cracks or large fillings, your dentist may suggest a stronger alternative such as an indirect laboratory-made onlay or crown. At Concord Dental Practice, we offer the more conservative onlay which aims at keeping more of your healthy tooth structure intact, whilst achieving the same strength and longevity as a full crown. Your dentist will be able to further discuss these different options with you. 

The process for making a crown/onlay involves two appointments: during the initial appointment, the tooth is prepared and impressions of the final result is subsequetly taken, finished by the placement of a temporary crown/onlay. Our crowns are custom made by local dental technicians in Sydney, and this process usually takes 10 working days.  When the permanent crown is ready, it will be carefully and permanently cemented onto your tooth during the second appointment. Once in place, it will act to protect your tooth from further fracture and decay. Crowns are colour matched to harmonise with your other teeth.


A bridge can be made to replace one or more of your missing teeth, by holding onto the tooth adjacent to the gap. They are a great alternative to the less comfortable removable denture, which many people can find uncomfortable to wear. A bridge relies on the health of surrounding teeth, so a comprehensive examination prior to having a bridge made is always recommended. During a procedure similar to that used to make crowns, your dentist will prepare your teeth for a bridge, which is also custom made by our local Sydney dental technician. They look natural and function almost just as well as your natural tooth.



Veneers are very fine coverings that are placed on chipped or discoloured teeth and are ideal for patients who are unhappy with the shape, size and colour of their teeth.  They are a much more conservative alternative to the full crown. There are two types of veneers - a direct veneer, which is made during a single visit, where the dentist bonds a composite resin over the existing tooth surface. The second type involves a process similar to that of crowns, where your dentist will conservatively remove a very small amount of the enamel of your tooth, take an impression, then place a temporary veneer in place. Our local Sydney dental technician will then fabricate the ceramic veneers, which are subsequently cemented permanently in place.  You can further discuss veneers with your dentist at Concord Dental Practice to determine which option will better suit your particular needs.


Invisalign – Clear Braces:

invisalign at Drummoyne

We offer Invisalign at Concord Dental Practice. Invisalign is a great alternative to the more traditional braces, as often, people do not even know you are wearing them! Invisalign involves the use of a series of clear, removable plastic aligners to gradually straighten teeth, without metal or wires.  Each aligner is worn full time for 2 weeks, followed by the next aligner in the series until the final correct alignment is achieved.  A discussion with your dentist at Concord Dental Practice will determine whether this is a suitable treatment option for you.

Removable plates:  As mentioned on our ‘Children’s Dentistry’ page, removable plates are used for some children to fix crooked teeth and crowding, where early intervention is required.

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