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Fillings & Restorations

The earlier a professional opinion or treatment is sought, the better the prognosis for the tooth.

Dental Restorations

A filling is an artificial material used to replace parts of the tooth that have been damaged by tooth decay or have fractured.  The treatment involves removing all the decay and sealing the hole in the tooth with materials to protect the remaining tooth from further decay, and to allow it to function normally.

There are various materials used to restore teeth including  composite resins and glass ionomer cements, both of which are tooth coloured, or the less popular metal amalgam fillings.

With such advancements in today’s technology, at Concord Dental Practice, our dentists are able to offer patients a broader range of options for broken down teeth.

Unless insisted upon, our dentists avoid using amalgam as fillings.  Our material of choice is the tooth coloured filling. Since these are actually able to bond to the tooth, we are able to work more conservatively, preserving more natural tooth structure, whilst providing the tooth with better strength and aesthetics.​

As more of the tooth is broken away by either decay, fracture, or a previous large filling, it weakens and becomes more prone to fracture. At this stage, your dentist may start to consider alternative restorative options for such a fragile tooth. The alternative option to the large white filling is the porcelain onlay/inlay or crown. Although technique sensitive, when performed under the correct conditions, and with the correct technique, these restorations are able to provide the tooth with not only better aesthetics, but with more strength, superior function and will protect the tooth against further fracture. These restorations, if well maintained, are also known to last many years longer than a conventional white filing.

The earlier a professional opinion or treatment is sought, the better the prognosis for your tooth. Sometimes, if left too late, the tooth may not be fixed with a simple filling and may require alternative treatment, which can often be more time consuming and complex.  At Concord Dental Practice, our dentists will always discuss all treatment options available to you so that you can make an informed and well understood decision.

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