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Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

Concord Dental Practice encourages preventive dental check ups and hygiene appointments for women who are pregnant to ensure that their oral health is at its best. Recent studies have shown that pregnancy causes changes in your mouth which can affect your oral health.


Pregnancy hormones can alter the blood supply in your gum tissues, resulting in swollen and tender gums if plaque or calculus is left to accumulate around your teeth and gums. 


Is the more severe form of gingivitis and involves destruction of the bone and surrounding support structures of your teeth. Research has showns that If you are suffering from periodontal disease, you will be at greater risk of

- pre-eclampsia

- gestational diabetes

- premature births and low birth weight

Morning Sickness and Food Cravings

Nausea and vomiting can cause irreversible damage to the enamel surfaces of your teeth, resulting in the permanent loss of tooth structure and sensitive teeth. Frequent snacking throughout the day to alleviate food cravings and nausea also puts your teeth at more risk of decay, due to the more frequent acid attacks on your teeth. 

After an episode of vomiting, it is very important that you avoid brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes, as the enamel surface is softened by gastric acids. Brushing can hence can cause further wear of your teeth. It is best to just rinse your mouth with water, smear some toothpaste over your teeth and leave for some time. 

Dental Tips During Your Pregnancy

It is important that you maintain excellent oral hygiene pregnancy during your pregnancy - try to brush twice a day and floss. Take meticulous care to ensure that each tooth is brushed thoroughly, and that plaque is brushed away from the gum line. 

We encourage our patients to "spit, not rinse" after toothbrushing with a fluoride paste and soft brush, as well as drink fluoridated water. Try to avoid soft drinks and any sticky foods.

Please visit Concord Dental Practice for your regular hygiene and check up appointments, so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated early. Earlier diagnosis means that simple, non invasive treatment can be performed - for example, a filling, rather than root canal treatment or an extraction. Your dental pain due to a toothache is more likely to do harm to your child, than would simple dental treatment. 

Local anesthetic is safe to use during pregnancy and also whilst you are breastfeeding. 

Whilst check ups and hygiene appointments are safe to have throughout your pregnancy, if treatment is elective (ie. cosmetic), appointments are best deferred until after you have given birth. So please let us know if you are pregnant. 

Recent studies have shown that pregnancy causes changes in your mouth which can affect your oral health