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It Starts With a Smile.

Top Toothbrushing Tips

Can you believe it:

Only one in 10 people brush their teeth correctly!

To help in the fight against tooth decay and gum disease, Concord Dental Practice has put together a list of common mistakes and top tips for brushing your teeth correctly.


Size matters!

In the world of dentistry “bigger is NOT better”, a smaller brush head size is going to allow you to effectively clean all surfaces of your teeth – especially those hard to reach areas.


It’s good to be a softy!

It is an old belief that firmer bristles clean your teeth better, it is a well known fact that medium – hard brushes actually damage the gums and cause sensitivity. Not only do they wear away the soft gums but they have actually been shown to wear away the dentine and enamel layers of teeth!


Take your time!

[Image result for toothbrushing angle jokes] Studies have shown that a full two minutes is needed to properly clean all tooth surfaces. If you don’t brush your teeth for long enough, you may be missing some areas.  If bacteria are left behind on the teeth after brushing it can lead to serious problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Some electric tooth brushes have timers which can help monitor the time.


What’s your angle?

Whilst we typically brush with our brush directly on the tooth, it is more effective to brush towards the gumline at a 45 degree angle to make sure the bristles gently dip below the surface of the gums.


It’s an inside job!

The most cleaned surfaces of the mouth tend to be the ones we can see when we smile, whilst the inside surfaces sometimes get overlooked. It is important to clean the inner surfaces of the teeth to avoid the accumulation of stain from foods and drinks as well as protect these areas from harmful bacteria.


Forced retirement!

Old toothbrushes should not be kept for too long! Frayed bristles can’t clean effectively and harbour a plethora of germs. Dentists recommended changing your brush every 3 months (start of every new season). When in doubt, toss it out!


Floss like a boss!


Even though toothbrushing with a fluoridated paste is essential, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning cleaning the surfaces in between the teeth which cannot be reached with a brush. Flossing daily keeps the gums free from bacteria and removes plaque in hard to reach areas.